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 The Military Order of the Stars and Bars 

at its convention held on July 10, 2015 

in Alexandria, Virginia 

passed the following resolution: 

Resolved that:

History should not be abolished or wielded in the pursuit of vengeance. It is a tool that is to be used to build a better future. The Confederate heritage community acknowledges that the battle flag has been inappropriately used and abused by certain hate groups. We will not surrender to hate, or abandon our heritage.

Politicians are using the Confederate heritage community as a target for government discrimination to sow the seeds of racial divisiveness. The vile public rhetoric and the campaign of discrimination have inspired recent vandalism on war memorials. The Confederate soldier was an American soldier and recognized as such by Federal law, multiple Congresses and multiple Presidents. When the war was over all Americans joined hands to reunite and reconcile the nation.

The recent actions by certain politicians, without thinking of the consequences, are reprehensible and encourage destruction and disobedience of the law. They exploit racial strife for political gain.

Over 70 million American citizens descend from Confederate veterans and are a part of the nation’s multi-cultural fabric. They are entitled to the same privileges as any other citizen. They are entitled to equal protection under the law.

The preservation of our American heritage is vital. All Confederate memorials and monuments must be protected as a part of history. The Military Order of the Stars and Bars is dedicated to the preservation of all aspects of history. We sincerely ask all Americans to join with us in this worthy goal.

Wm. Howard Jones
Commander General
Military Order of Stars and Bars
P.O. Box 18901
Raleigh, NC 27619-8901
(757) 656-6672

MOS&B Heritage Resolution – Approved 2015-7-11