Fredericksburg Confederate Statute Re-dedication

The SCV Matthew Fontaine Maury Camp 1722 and the Military Order of the Stars & Bars MG John Bankhead Magruder Chapter 258 are organizing an event with the Fredericksburg, VA Ladies Memorial Association to re-dedicate the Confederate Statue that is in the center of the Fredericksburg Confederate Cemetery. The Ladies Memorial Association was the dynamic of this cemetery’s inception after the War Between the States and still is the dynamic that maintains it today.

This will be the 125th Anniversary since it was dedicated on June 10th, 1891. The ceremony will be held on 11 June 2016 at 11:00 a.m. in the cemetery. Ms. Jackie Ferris of the Ladies Memorial Association will open the ceremony and they have asked me to be the Guest Speaker. I will present the oration that General Bradley Tyler Johnson presented on that day in 1891. The local United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Children of the Confederacy will also be present, along with other local Camps.

On that day in 1891, the following Confederate Camps attended the unveiling: Maury Camp of Fredericksburg, Robert E. Lee Camp of Richmond, Pickett Camp of Richmond, Pickett-Buchanan Camp of Norfolk, Robert E. Lee Camp of Alexandria, Ewell Camp of Prince William. Delegations from New York, Baltimore, Washington, Roanoke, Leesburg, Lynchburg, West Point and Charlottesville Camps also attended. It would be grand to MOS&B Chapters at the ceremony.

Humbly Your Servant,
Christopher “Chris” Haywood Ezelle
SCV Camp 1722 Judge Advocate/Communications Officer
MOS&B Chapter 258 Commander

Memorial Stones Placed

29 Apr 16 008

On April 30th, 2016, a combined team of compatriots worked at the Fredericksburg, VA Confederate Cemetery and placed two large memorial stones with brass placards containing life stories for General Officers interred.  A total of six memorial stones will be placed to complete the project.  The Fredericksburg Ladies Memorial Association purchased the stones and the Matthew Fontaine Maury Camp 1722 purchased the brass placards.  The team consisted of (left to right) John Johnson, MOS&B Chapter 258; SCV 1Lt Commander Greg Randall, Stafford Light Artillery; MOS&B Chapter 258 Commander Chris Ezelle; SCV Commander Bill West, Beverly Tucker Lacy Camp 2141; SCV Commander John D. Martin Jr., Matthew Fontaine Maury Camp 1722.  Photo taken by MOS&B Chapter 258 Past Commander Charlie Embrey, Sr.


 The Military Order of the Stars and Bars 

at its convention held on July 10, 2015 

in Alexandria, Virginia 

passed the following resolution: 

Resolved that:

History should not be abolished or wielded in the pursuit of vengeance. It is a tool that is to be used to build a better future. The Confederate heritage community acknowledges that the battle flag has been inappropriately used and abused by certain hate groups. We will not surrender to hate, or abandon our heritage.

Politicians are using the Confederate heritage community as a target for government discrimination to sow the seeds of racial divisiveness. The vile public rhetoric and the campaign of discrimination have inspired recent vandalism on war memorials. The Confederate soldier was an American soldier and recognized as such by Federal law, multiple Congresses and multiple Presidents. When the war was over all Americans joined hands to reunite and reconcile the nation.

The recent actions by certain politicians, without thinking of the consequences, are reprehensible and encourage destruction and disobedience of the law. They exploit racial strife for political gain.

Over 70 million American citizens descend from Confederate veterans and are a part of the nation’s multi-cultural fabric. They are entitled to the same privileges as any other citizen. They are entitled to equal protection under the law.

The preservation of our American heritage is vital. All Confederate memorials and monuments must be protected as a part of history. The Military Order of the Stars and Bars is dedicated to the preservation of all aspects of history. We sincerely ask all Americans to join with us in this worthy goal.

Wm. Howard Jones
Commander General
Military Order of Stars and Bars
P.O. Box 18901
Raleigh, NC 27619-8901
(757) 656-6672

MOS&B Heritage Resolution – Approved 2015-7-11

New Lt. Commander

Conway Moncure has been elected, by The VA Society Executive Council, as the Lt. Commander of the VA Society.

78th Annual Convention

The 78th Annual Convention of the General Society MOS&B
In Alexandria, VA 9-11 July 2015

Event Details Here.

2014 Virginia Society Officers

Commander — R. Allen Brahin

Lieutenant Commander — Joseph H. Wright


Adjutant — Joseph Judson Smith

Elected Saturday, 19 April 2014