Preserving the History, Ideals, and Chivalry Of the Old South

Painting by Mort Künstler, Used by Permission. Click to View His Web Site

Painting by Mort Künstler, Used by Permission.
Click to View His Web Site

How to Become a Member

Organized in Columbia, South Carolina, on 30 August 1938, the MOS&B was established to recognize and commemorate the leadership and sacrifices of the Confederacy’s civil and military authorities, both during and after the War Between the States. To quote Edgar Warfield who served in the 17th Virginia Infantry, CSA, “they were men who sacrificing all the comforts of home, leaving their dear ones, and abandoning a state of peace and security, offered their lives in so unequal a contest with a unanimity almost unparalleled; rallied to the defense of a land they loved; took up arms in defense of principles dearer to them than life; and defended those principals with a courage and valor unsurpassed.” As descendants or collateral representatives of those brave men who, knowing full well the consequences of failure, dared all and sacrificed all, it is an obligation and an opportunity to become a member of the MOS&B, the only national organization established to protect and preserve the good name of those we are privileged to represent.

Membership in the MOS&B is derived from descent from the Confederacy’s Officer Corps or from the elected or appointed member of the Executive Branch of the Confederate Government. All members must be at least sixteen years old. Ancestral documentation and proof of military or governmental service must accompany all applications for membership.

Contact Information
For information about membership in the MOS&B and the Virginia Society, send an email to Gary H. Roseman, Jr. Adjutant or contact him by phone 702.878.4719

For information about membership in areas outside the Commonwealth, contact

International Headquarters
Military Order of the Stars & Bars
P. O. BOX 18901
RALEIGH, NC 27619-8901
or call (877) 790-6672
or email

Some areas of the Commonwealth currently do not have active chapters. With a minimum of five members, new local chapters can be formed to provide opportunities for heritage activities and fellowship, and for participation at the state and national level in the activities of the Virginia Society. Our strength is in our numbers as much as it is in our determination to meet our obligations to the Order, and the Virginia Society has committed itself to expanding its membership base in order to be represented by active members and their chapters in all parts of the Commonwealth. The Society has established an awards system to recognize outstanding contributions by both members and non-members and organizations. Membership participation is strongly encouraged in the MOS&B national scholarship, oratory and literary awards programs, its endowment fund, and in the annual Virginia and national conventions. We welcome your membership and participation either through local chapters or, if there is no local chapter convenient to your residence, as an At-Large member of the Order.